Sign Language:  

Miscellaneous Concepts:

*All children are introduced to the concepts of rhyming, opposites, same and different, and demonstrating understanding through games.

Fine Motor:

*Developed through the use of manipulatives such as puzzles, pegs, blocks, and beads.

Major Motor:



*Projects can focus on a particular story or are based on units of study such as back to school, harvest, Christmas, winter, family and love, spring, etc.


Average Daily Schedule: 

*The following are accomplished in varying orders, depending on the time of year.

CHRISTIAN ETHICS/Social Development

Christmas and Easter are significant times of teaching Biblical truth and building on the basic foundational blocks of the life and teachings of Jesus. The true reason for these Holy Days is always first and foremost in our celebrations!

This is a science lesson about mixing colors for the 3 and 4 year olds.

Our colors are "walking!"