Chrystal Frazier


Chrystal Frazier is in her sixteenth year at First Circle of Friends. Previously, she taught music in public school for nearly five years and fourth grade for three. At that time she stopped working full-time outside the home to be with her three children. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from George Fox University and a Master of Science in Education from Western Oregon State College.

Chrystal enjoys creating; therefore working with preschool art is great fun for her. She has a strength for administrative tasks and enjoys those as well. She loves the little ones and delights in what they say and who they are. Chrystal is always looking for new ideas and ways to inspire and encourage the children.

Chrystal was raised in a Christian home and has always considered herself a Christian. During high school and college, she experienced Jesus in a deeply profound way and continues to seek after His will for her life. One of her favorite things about her relationship with Christ is how He takes care of the details in her life, no matter how small. It demonstrates how deeply God cares for all of us.

Chrystal and her husband of over 30 years have three adult children. All three are now independent and learning to live their own lives. Her husband teaches fourth grade at John McLoughlin Elementary School in Oregon City.

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