Teacher Chery Lewelling

School Director

Teacher Chery, inspired and directed by God, opened Circle of Friends in 1980. It met in her home until the school simply needed more room and found its new and permanent home here at First Presbyterian.

After 35 years of teaching, she retired in 2015 but was happy to return when asked to take over the position of director. She finds daily joy spending time with the children, sharing smiles, hugs, her endless supply of energy and her love of Jesus.

In her time away from school, she loves to read and walk. And walk. And walk!!

Teacher Linda Rouse

Co-Lead Teacher Starlight Kindergarten/Lead Rainbow 4s PM

The 2023-24 school year is Teacher Linda's tenth year at First Circle f Friends. She taught in Maryland for fourteen years before moving back to Oregon. She loves being close to her children and grandchildren. She feels privileged to teach children about the love of Jesus and seeing them grow in their knowledge and understanding. In her free time she gardens or makes beautiful quilts.

Teacher Brenda DeVault

Assistant Teacher Rainbow 4s AM/PM

This is Teacher Brenda's first year working at First Circle of Friends. She has previous experience working at other preschools. She is excited to work with and join our wonderful group of teachers and we are blessed to have her. She brings quiet joy and gentleness to the classroom. When she is not working she loves spending time with her family.

Teacher Lou Rouse

Lead Teacher Sunshine 3s 

This 2023-24 school year is Teacher Lou's fifth year teacher at First Circle of Friends. She has been married to her husband for 46 years and they have seven grandsons. She homeschooled her children, along with other children, for a total of sixteen years. It's a delight of her heart to teach and share the love of Jesus.

Teacher Sam Harris

Assistant Teacher Sunshine 3s

This is Teacher Sam's Second year at First Circle of Friends. Divine intervention brought her to us and she loves sharing creativity in the classroom. She is an artist and  self-published author. She is always smiling, always joyful, always possitive! Before joining FCOF she was a retail manager for many years and uses that experience to help manage the classroom. 

Additional Staff

(Coming Soon)