Policy for Parents

First Circle of Friends, not being a co-op, makes certain requests of parents as to their presence in the classroom. 

Over the years, we have observed children’s behavior as they adjust to being in class as independent beings. Some children require a short period of time as they learn to separate from Mom and Dad. While they are excited to be in school, there is the occasional child that may take days or even weeks to develop trust in the knowledge that Mom or Dad WILL return.

Depending on the circumstance, the child and the degree of “upsetness," we encourage the parent to establish a plan that works for them while diminishing the child’s anxiety. If at all possible, we encourage separation with smiles rather than tears but are willing to hold children as parents depart and offer comfort in the process. Experience has shown us the longer the parent stays, the worse the situation becomes. 

We do invite parents to attend  group time at the beginning of the day on special dress-up days. Teachers will communicate with you which days these are. Children’s behavior can regress during these times but we see this as an opportunity to encourage parents that this is no longer “typical” behavior.