Fees & Sessions

First Circle of Friends offers classes for 3 year olds, 4 year olds and kindergarten.

Registration fee: $150.00. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Annual Tuition:

  • 2-day 3 year old session: $1,400.00 paid in 10 payments of $140.00 each
  • 4-day 4 year old session: $2,800.00 paid in 10 payments of $280.00 each
  • Kindergarten session: $3,500.00 paid in 10 payments of $350.00 each

*Entire tuition expense can be paid in full upfront. There is NO discount for full advance payment.

Classes cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances will not be made up.

Tuition is due by the 25th-end of the month (payment is considered late on the 1st of the following month). For example, payment #1 is due by August 25th. If tuition is received after September 1st, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your account unless you’ve made prior arrangements. There is a $25 NSF fee on returned checks. After the 2nd NSF check, a cashier’s check or money order will be required for the remainder of the school year.

The school has the platform of Square available for those parents that want to use a debit or credit card. Parents can also pay with a check. Not cash payments are accepted.

If a check is used, please hand the payment (in payment envelope) to a teacher or it can be mailed. Payments can be mailed to: First Circle of Friends, P.O. Box 1718, Oregon City, OR 97045

Class sessions and hours are: (some classes may change according to enrollment)

    • Tue/Thu a.m. session: 8:30—11:30 Class for 3-year olds (cap at 12)
    • Wed/Fri a.m. session: 8:30—11:30 Class for 3-year olds (cap at 12)
    • Wed/Fri p.m. session: 12:15--3:15 Class for 3-year olds (cap at 12)
    • Tue—Fri a.m. session: 8:30—11:30 Class for 4-year olds (two a.m. classes, cap at 12 each)
    • Mon-Fri p.m. session: 12:15-3:15 Class for Kindergarten (cap at 12)
    • Tue—Fri p.m. session: 12:15—3:15 Class for 4-year olds (cap at 12)

First Circle of Friends meets at the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Oregon City. The church is located at the corner of Warner Milne and Linn Avenue across the street from the former Mt. Pleasant Elementary School Campus. The physical address is 1321 Linn Avenue. The post office will NOT deliver mail addressed to the physical address.

Parents may park in the main church parking lot and walk their children to entry on Williams Street, or use the drive-through lane where a teacher will be waiting to receive them. Pick up follows the same procedure.There is absolutely NO PARKING or getting out of the vehicle in the drive-through lane during school hours.